I am a loud and proud wife, mother and new homeschooler. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease 10 years ago. When conventional medicine did not help me, I looked for alternatives. I found food to be my medicine. I started following a DR. Wahls paleo diet in August 2013. I want to scream from the mountain tops that real food healed me! I want everyone to know they can feel this good too! Follow me as we go for our dream of owning our own farm and changing the world with real food!!! You are what you eat, think and feel. Be kind and eat real!

oh yah

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  1. Thanks so much for this blog! I have been reading your posts … wondered if when you went “paleo” for lyme / ms if you strictly followed the Wahls Protocol (and if you did, which one) ?


    1. Hi, I started the Paleo diet in August 2013. I do strictly follow her diet. I was level three for awhile and I feel since remission I have naturally went back to level two. I eat too many carbs now. If I was just starting out I would go level 2 and progress into level 3. I love talking so please keep asking. ~Beth


  2. I saw your story featured on Terrys FB page today. I liked/looked at your FB page. I have her first book, still unread, but have followed a clean eating/paleoish type diet since I was dx’d with MS in 2011. I am now getting over my first exacerbation and am seriously thinking about starting meds again.
    My question is do you still use meds for MS?


    1. Can I ask what your paleoish type diet is? The biggest thing I learned from my last gluten exposure and flare is you have to follow her diet fully to get the most benefit. I have done Avonex and Copaxone in the past and now I only get one prescription from my MS Specialist and that is Cannabis. I take it in an oil form before bed each night. I use to take a handful of other prescriptions a day and I gave was able to replace them with Cannabis.


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